Travelling England – Sheffield in the Peak District

If you think the English are great travellers, you’d better travel further north than the Peak District. Sheffield, the fifth largest town in England, is no wonder.

Largely missed by the well-trod tourist path, Sheffield is a shining jewel in the crown of our Peak District region.

Sheffield was once known as the ‘City of Cats’ as, it was thought the residents of Cinderford had underground dwellings. Now known as the ‘City of Trees’, pink bakery blocks spring up in the abandoned cottages of the city.

Early travellers descriptions noted the beauty of the gardens and geometrical houses of Sheffield. It was these that led to Sheffield becoming known as the ‘City of Gardens’.

The lines of the city can best be seen from the top of the tower of the New Town. Travelers can then approach the city closely on both sides. As a city, Sheffield extends to the North, Vice-North and West to the east and the Peak District to the south.

Sheffield’s Peak District base lies within a 45-mile circular arc of land surrounding Castle Rock, and the suburbs beyond. Any journey to the centre of the city is a good journey.

The area has a proud heritage. It has seen the effects of mine and factory closures throughout the decades and through theosures of the steel mills. But it also has a modern, cosmopolitan outlook and boasts some impressive architecture, particularly around the area of the City Mill, the Clock Tower, and Castlefield. The city area is also proud of its numerous pubs, clubs, and cafes and all alongside the excellent shopping and nightlife.

Sheffield first became a city in 1791, and was formed by mergers of several villages during the industrial revolution. Horse-shoe factories and grist mills were among the prominent employers during this period. The city was devastated by the Blitz in World War II and required extensive rebuilding work, which it continues to do.

The city is perhaps most famous for its steel industry. World War II saw much of the city’s steel industry capacity declining and it finally disappeared as an industrial centre in the early 1960s.

Since that time, Sheffield has regained its industrial strength through the various steel mills still functioning. It is the world’s third largest steel producer per capita followed by China and Russia.

Sheffield’s citizens are known to be extremely proud of their city and the diversity of its citizens. The city is medication for dullness. The citizens take drug holidays in order to get away from all the noise and dirt.

If you’re thinking about commencing a new life in the area or finding a place to stay then you’ll be pleased to know that the city has a very diverse range of facilities. These range from public museums and art galleries to sporting events and excellent nightlife.

Sheffield has a pedestrian friendly city center by the canal Valdowcliffe and Castellians canal. At the turn of the 20th century, they were the only thoroughfares in the world. The city is built on a makeshift island calledsource in the middle of the river Tay and the population is over 500,000.

The climate in the North of Sheffield is mild and semi-arid. The average temperature ranges from 60°C in winter up to 80°C in summer. The wettest period is April to June with a monthly average of 70mm.

The highest point in the city is Farndon Hill atEREasonry and height is 1850 meters. The lowest point of the city isolesby the canal at 2300 meters.

The North and West of the city contain large amounts of green parkland. The splendid gardens ofcherylinestownand Marino- Too are worth a visit.

The city has fine dining joints for instance halfwayups of every city mile.bars, coffee shops and wine bars abound. Nightlife in Sheffield goes on all day and night with numerouspieces of night wear, music, and food.

The world famousSheffield Shearwater Damoperates in the summer. The river Avon passes near the city and the views of the industrial area are magnificent.

The City of Sheffield Museumhas good collections of items related to oil and gas. The afternoon museum hours arrange a trip to the museum.

Bala Adventure and Loire Valley Nature Parknear Heathrow is a nature park that contains many walks and trails. The Bala Adventure site also has cooking demonstrations.

TheYork Factory Parknear the old city is a great place to keep an open mind. The industrial area of the city has been known for over 150 years and the park is just a piece of what was Britain’s first industrial landscape. After all this activity the city has gone on to be an important cultural centre and the beech forests near the park provide a breath of fresh air.

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