France’s Opal Coast Has Plenty Going For It

Many people prefer to holiday on the French Alps, and with good reason. The area has a unique beauty and a longing for adventure that is not to be found anywhere else on the globe. Situated in the middle of the French Alps, in the heart of Portes du Soleil, the Opal Coast is a popular destination for tourists looking for a sense of escapism.

The frozen edges of the glaciers, juxtaposed against the dramatic gorges and river valleys that border the landscape, provide such a vivid image of nature’s power. The majestic peaks stand out starkly against the backdrop of the almost-falling plain. The Blanc Train climbs the mountain tracks dipping into the lava fields, providing a dramatic contrast and a lingering smell of volcanic ageing.

You can choose from a range of tourist operators to take you trekking or skiing on this awesome journey. You can even take you own transport to enjoy the unique experience of travelling in a Roman transport, as the route is bespoke to your requirements. For those who want to minimise the effects of being in the middle of the mountains, it’s a good idea to hire a guide who will arrange acclimatisation and advise on the best places to go.

Also, you can plan a multi-centre trip as part of your overall Alps experience. Taking a holiday on the Opal Coast during the summer months, for example, allows you to visit two different regions: the green valleys of the S biologists and the snow-dappled peaks of the Aiguilles Rouges. A four-day program will remind you of all the excellent nature has to offer and you can take part in such activities as river rafting, mountain biking and climbing.


The northeastern part of the Alps has been called the ski capital of the world due to its 125 ski slopes. Most of these slopes are for advanced skiers but high-Progress level means that there is still a lot for those with the knowledge and the time to get to grips with these great activities. Places like the Belfort snowfall park and shorter courses (with a higher number of runs) in the Saint-Bon valley are great options for first-timers, with excellent snow available from March through May.

Other prominent resorts are:

Donnerberg- over 18km of skiing areas with roughly 700kms of dedicated slopes

Les Houches- over 13km of skiing areas with 700kms of dedicated slopes

La Haut- small scale village with a good range of end-of-estyle runs and similar facilities to that of Les Houches

Les Menuires- top-modern ski complex with over 1000kms of dedicated slopes

Meribel- contemporary resort with a good range of inclusive and semi-conditioned slopes

Méribel- young and young at heart, the resort at the bottom of the Meribel mountain range is considered one of the best in terms of variety for families and children.

Pages-Five skiable reduction areas for families with children who need more than just the slopes to keep them active. They also offer freestyle and winter sports such as children’s noodles, dog runs and snow guns.

Val D’Isere- highest peak of the Alps and the most famous, Val d’Isere is situated en-route to Val d’Alpe in Italy. The resort is divided into six different villages that are serviced by a single piste. L’Alpe d’Huez has the highest altitude in the world at over 3000 metres while the Grand Motte glacier has the most extensive glacier skiing opportunities with over 200 runs.

Wormhole- situated in the heart of the Grampian catchment area, this delightful village offers good nightlife, shops and restaurants. The two water parks are very popular.

Rockbourne- the largest of the two regions, with an estimated 30,000 people. The area is considered a wellness destination and particularly known for being a biking and snowboard haven.

Rumberstone- largest village in the region and the historical centre of the region. It is also the gateway to the Grampians National Park that has approximately 200km2 of pristine wilderness to explore.

Fraser Island- the largest island in the world and the capital of the Grampians. The area is an incredible place of wilderness, rainforest and pristine granite coastline.

Essential gear:

Although it is possible to drive to many of the most stunning locations on the island, it is highly recommended to hire a car, so that you can easily travel to your favourite spots. It is also useful to hire a 4WD for some of the more difficult tracks.

New Zealand is an amazing place to visit and an excellent country to come back to over and over again.

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