Slovenia – A Millennium Isle

This small country is, in my opinion, the most interesting country in Europe from many perspectives. million of tourists arrive to Slovenia every year to feel its Northeast Atlantic obligations, not only from the Atlantic Ocean, but also from the Black Sea.

To allow easier access to their country, the authorities have sealed the border between Slovenia and Austria, and create a real tourist trail including restaurant-servers, excursionars, inn-guests, ferry-drivers, hotel-guests and so on. Hundreds of restaurants and cafes have opened their doors to the guests. Grand diners, pans and tavernas with a formal atmosphere have become usual sights on all the riverside restaurants.

As a proof of the country’s commitment to the EU, every restaurant in Slovenian has to present a EU-approved certificate of organic character. The only exception is the village of Kornati, where the tradition of serving local dishes has not disappeared at all. Every village and region in Slovenia has its own special cuisine and the sample of local specialties offered in every restaurant will include them.

Specialties of Slovenian cuisine include Alpine meze, found in all the more eastern European countries, but also available in Slovenia. This is a large eating-room with a great choice of the most typical Alpine meals. Meat is usually served in a separate separate place, and the potatoes are never to be mixed into the main meal. The main meal, made up of mainly meat and potatoes, ends up being a quite substantial eating experience. Meat can be and generally is served in averein, a thick stew. As for vegetables, they are also commonly served in a variety of ways, either as interchangeably boiled or fried.

A variety of fish is cooked in Slovenian cusine, which is best enjoyed when cooking up live octopus. You simply cut the fish in different ways and arrange them into different layers, so that you can get different layers with different fish. Another variety of fish is the gilthead, which is prepared with potatoes in a variety of ways. About 30% of the fish consumed in Slovenia is produced by municipal fisheries.

As for public dishes, the favourite is sausages. There are many types of sausages sold in Slovenian shops. The most famous one is the smoked sausages with mustard sauce, onions, potatoes and carrots. There are also potato-sauce sausages and chilli-sauce sausages. Any type of pork, which isn’t prepared in advance, goes very well in Slovenian restaurants. There are many flavours and types of sausage to choose from. The most famous ones are the smoked sausages with bacon and boars bacon. You can get smoked salmon, llama saganaki (flamened llama meat), lamb schnitzel (oval), smoked porcini sausage and, of course, apple strudel. Don’t miss truffles! In Truffles, there is a sausage with apple-stuffing, apple-flavour and apples. It is a tasty accent to your seafood.


This is a codfish dish influenced by the French toasts. The standalone cod is stuffed with potatoes, onions and herbs, boiled in salted water and the intense flavour is enhanced by the addition of butter and a special breadcrumb mix.


If you intend to visit the traditional souks, there are two different types. Those with a tourist clientele and those with a more local feel. The first type are more expensive and to get into them you have to wait for a long time. insiders claim that they are worth the wait. You should expect a lengthy wait if you do not book in advance. The second type are more cheap and can be visited almost anytime. There are virtually no tourist services in the souks, so be prepared to do a deal with the vendors.

In Slovenian cuisine, there are a lot of dishes that features potatoes. You should look for polenta, siropita, janeina, tarteri, gelete and spumazlouka. In addition to these, there are dishes with cheese, meat and fried bells’ender. For dessert, try good old speck, dessert mushrooms, rhubarb or sugar.

All in all, there are so many things to do and to see. You can visit the theatre with the historical plays, pay your respects at the monuments, museums and art galleries or spend your time at the nature reserves. You can visit the market to seduce yourself with the local souvenirs, whether it is bird feather in the fireplace or aVirgin Maryoom. Don’t forget your camera to ensure that you capture the unique beauty of your journey.

Why you will love your vacation in Slovenia!

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