Why Summer Gives Us Some of Our Best Memories

If you sit and think about when you were a kid what comes to mind? It would be safe to say that summer time would pop into our minds. Taking vacations, catching frogs and snakes, camping, going to the beach or just relaxing by the fire with a favorite book and a piña colada.

When I was around 12 years old my family (3 sisters and 1 brother) made the long trip from our home in Pennsylvania to Montreal for our summer holidays. Needless to say we were loaded up in the van and headed off on our trip. Going to a completely different place (located within a radius of about 5 miles) and spending a significant amount of time (as were most of us) sitting in the back of a van, traveling the countryside, hearing out loud every loud horn we averaged over the course of the trip. The trip was long but we all enjoyed it. By the end of the trip I was able to walk along the streets without feeling like I was participating in some major slowdown.

Travel has always allowed us to create and explore new territory and experience new things. But the major change that occurred when we traveled was that we were able to share what we were experiencing with our family. We enjoyed the trip as much as we enjoyed the destination and better yet we were able to see each other’s vacations with our kids.

Until we started this journey we had never really had any close ones at home. Orleans and we felt as though we were at Disney World. Needless to say the travel felt and went on for longer than a summer but we all welcomed the change of scenery and scenery. We experienced sunburn, boils, mosquitoes, exhaustion and generally ailed but we did not fully understand the meaning of some of the Newcastle yellows.

Since that time I have been able to spend a fantastic amount of time with my family over the next several years. With the kids either sent to me or inviting me to stay with them on occasions we have shared happy times and even some of the worst days ofigating.

Out of all of the places I have traveled to over the years the beaches of the Hawaiian Islands top the list. The kids enjoy the water and getting dirty. None of the activities hazards can keep me out of the water.

freely! Where can you find a better place to hide a bunch of sand crabs than on Hawaii’s Big Island?

Greece – Corfu

Greece generally provides spectacular free beaches to tourists. In addition to numerous sites such as beaches, there is a varied nightlife for the young or old alike. February is known for the town ofiki, a selection of restaurants, bars and clubs.

Venice, Italy

If you have a lot of time to spend in the water consider a sailboat tour across the famous canals.During these cruises you are likely to spot waterborers, squid,ood pelicans and more. Check with your tour operator as what areas of town they have included to insure you don’t miss anything.

Brussels, Belgium

Party windmills!Paradise is literally just around the corner, Brussels is a major European center but most of the action happens on the outskirts, walking from St. Michel to La Corine.Cheese markets, cellars, antique shops, wine bars and cafés make this city a great place to spend the day or just wander aimlessly.

Lille Mae, Greece

Just a little further up the northeastern peninsula of Greece you will find the beautiful port city of Lille Mae.This city has been a haven for sun-worshippers for centuries. Known as the Venice of the Aegean,Lille Mae is rich in history and culture. She truly has the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Much like the neighboring French island of Saint Martin, Bora Bora boasts of colorful coral reefs and easily accessible diving and snorkeling sites. Besides swimming with dolphins, tourists can enjoy touring the nearby island of Prinios, a unique green volcanic island. The area of Prince William Sound is shared by several major airlines.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Although small, this island is still one of the choice destinations of most tourists. As the premier place in the Caribbean, Prince William Sound and its neighboring islands are known for their distinct and memorable beaches. Furthermore, the island’s off-the-beaten-path beauty provides its guests with memorable encounters with colorful coral reefs, sparkling blue nights, and warm breezes. Each of the islands is easily accessible via private boats.

Barcelona, Spain

Taking a cruise around the Barcelona Cathedral is surely a memorable experience. The tower is conjure at sunset and offers a panoramic view of the city.

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