10 Things You Must See While Visiting in

Dublin: 10 Things You Must See Č Continuing on from my first article about the 10 things you must see while visiting in Dublin, I am going to cover the second half of the 10 things you must see. Included in this list are St Stephen’s Green, Ireland’sarest Bank, The Guinness Storehouse, Kilmainham Gaol and […]

Top Five Reasons For Visiting National Parks

The Top Five Reasons For Visiting National Parks Č Every year millions of people visit the national parks that are located throughout the country. Many of these parks are just a few minutes from their front door, but in other cases, they have to travel awhile to get to these great parks. Parks are located […]

5 Tips for Safe Travels

While American citizens have grown accustomed to the near-daily travel warnings and share them with friends and family, the problem of traveling safely and independently has been a serious one for many years. Some of the warnings are provided for the general public, either through warnings of dangerous holiday destinations or through visits by officials […]

Slovenia – A Millennium Isle

This small country is, in my opinion, the most interesting country in Europe from many perspectives. million of tourists arrive to Slovenia every year to feel its Northeast Atlantic obligations, not only from the Atlantic Ocean, but also from the Black Sea. To allow easier access to their country, the authorities have sealed the border […]

Altea – Playa de Altea

The Playa de Altea is situated around three kilometres from the city of Torrevieja with the facilities of a beachfront and a host of water sport activities to enjoy. It is directly adjacent to the Cabo of the Mar Menor, a powerful area that effectively transfers the flows of the various Atlantic Ocean streams heading […]